Pre qualification closes 28th for 10 million cu m dredging.....Expressions of Interest required by 3rd for construction of 900m quaywall, plus land reclamation.....Documents available until 15th for rock dredging contract.....Consultants Expressions of Interest required for port masterplan studies.....

Central Dredging Association Member

MACCS is a contract-lead and bid-information service for dredging and marine civil engineering contractors, consultants and others interested in the marine civil engineering market.

MACCS focuses on:

  • Capital and maintenance dredging tenders

  • Land reclamation

  • Port & marina construction - quaywalls & breakwaters

  • Coastal bridges, causeways or tunnels

  • Coastal defence works and flood protection

  • Intake and outfall pipes

  • Oil and gas shallow water requirements

  • Offshore windfarms

  • Development of any new marine infrastructure

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