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Marine and Coastal Construction Service (MACCS)
“focusing on new dredging and marine civil opportunities since 1994”

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MACCS is a contract-lead and bid-information service

We work with dredging and marine civil engineering contractors, consultants and others interested in the international marine civil engineering market

MACCS focuses on:

  • Capital and maintenance dredging tenders
  • Land reclamation
  • Port & marina construction - quaywalls & breakwaters
  • Coastal bridges, causeways or tunnels
  • Coastal defence works and flood protection
  • Intake and outfall pipes
  • Oil and gas shallow water requirements
  • Offshore windfarms
  • Development of any new marine infrastructure

MACCS tracks multi-million dollar marine and coastal construction projects from the very moment of inception right through to contract award.


MACCS - Focus on the task

MACCS identifies and continually monitors those projects that are likely to generate leads.

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MACCS - Global Coverage

Anywhere, in fact,
where 'water meets land'

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MACCS works with clients across the globe

  • Dredging
  • Baggeren
  • 준 설
  • Dragado
  • 浚渫
  • Dragagem
  • Opmudring
  • 疏浚
  • Muddring
  • التجريف
  • Dragage
  • Tarama
  • Pengerukan

  • Tender/procurement
  • Inschrijving
  • 부드러운
  • Licitación
  • 入札
  • concurso
  • bud
  • 投标
  • Anbud
  • العطاء
  • appel d’offres
  • İhale İlanları
  • Pengadaan

  • Marine works
  • Marine werken
  • 해양 작품
  • obras marítimas
  • 海洋工事
  • obras marítimas
  • Marine værker
  • 海洋工程
  • marina arbeten
  • الأشغال البحرية
  • Traveaux maritimes
  • Deniz işleri
  • karya Kelautan


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